Why should I use fuse.space to send files containing Intellectual Property?

Dec 4, 2023

Open up your windows explorer or finder, if you are an iOS user, and scroll through your files. Are they all yours? Or are some of them maybe files that somebody sent to you using wetransfer or any other files sharing service?

Now think about all the files that you have sent to people over the past years and how these files are also just sitting on somebody’s harddrive. Or maybe they are being used. In many cases we won’t mind, but when it comes to IP we should. Whether it’s a foto, a piece of music or a design: This file contains your intellectual property and using it without your explicit permission isn’t right.

But what if somebody is using it against your authorization? How can you prove that this is a file that you own and sent? How would somebody else be able to prove that the files on your computer were sent to you by him or her?

A dropbox screenshot? A wetransfer link? A whatsapp message? An email?

  • Emails generally have a file-size limit that makes them unfit for sending large uncompressed files. Also, good luck finding them 15 years after you sent them. You might have switched emails, phones, etc. 
  • Dropbox content can be changed, so there is no way to indisputably determine a point in time, when something was uploaded.
  • Whatsapp and other messaging services usually allow you to delete things, or you might have switched phones, numbers or done something that will make it difficult to find a message you sent 10 years ago.
  • We transfer gives you an email receipt, but there is no evidence of the file you actually sent. Therefore it doesn’t give you proof of ownership for a file at a specific point in time. 

With fuse.space you are able to send large files of up to 5 GB and each file is immutably time stamped on a blockchain. This gives you immutable and timeless verification of your file. It’s the ultimate proof to make sure you can always prove your intellectual property first.