your ideas.

Experience a new secure way of collaboration and sharing ideas. is a blockchain protected workspace for your collaboration.

whether you are a musician, artist or designer,
you can now share your intellectual property freely and without worries.


You can create a space that’s perfect for your needs – whether it’s a place to store your ideas, share your creations, or work on projects. And the best part is, it’s quick and easy to get started.


We are creating a collaborative environment based on a new form of trust, transparency and respect. We believe that by owning your property, you can share it worry-free!


Communication and sharing ideas is key to success, and our platform makes it easy to do just that. Connect with others and work together on projects, regardless of location.


we asked over a thousand creators:

0 %
See collaboration as vital for the creative process
0 %
See intellectual property as their most valuable asset
0 %
are concerned about losing their intellectual property during collaboration

we are a movement is a creative movement designed to protect the rights of all creatives from being ripped off by others. While simultaneously giving them access and opportunities they might not have otherwise had if it weren’t for this platform’s existence. was created after realizing how many talented people were getting chewed up in an industry where no one seemed too be interested or concerned about protecting anyone’s work except themselves. Join our movement!