How Stephan Zovsky uses

Jan 9, 2024

Stephan Zovsky is a producer from Neustrelitz and a well known player in the electronic music scene. He has released on prestigious Labels, such as Iboga, Harthouse, 3000 Grad label and Ritter Butzke records.

As an early adopter, Stephan found value in using fuse for collaborations with people that he doesn’t know personally and therefore wants to ensure he has a solid documentation of their creative exchange.

Stephan told us about one particular instance, where he was approached via instagram by a user looking to collaborate. At first, he was unsure whether this was a legit request, but after some back and forth the terms of the collaboration seemed beneficial for both sides. 

In order to facilitate a digital music collaboration, of course, you need to share files and communicate.
At first, the collaborator suggested using a dropbox, but as dropbox doesn’t provide any documentation of proof of files being sent and received, Stephan offered to host the collaboration via has the advantage of taking on the role of a 3rd party middleman, that can witness all transactions and therefore both parties have a safe-space to exchange ideas without worrying about the other person stealing their work.

But not only that, it also gave the collaboration a dedicated space to make sure deal-terms etc. where clearly addressed in thread, so that all major aspects of a professional partnership could be discussed and stored. All in one place.

Listen to Stephan Zovskys latest track here: