Collaborating in Fuse.Space

Nov 2, 2023

So, you’ve signed-up to Fuse.Space – Great!.. Now what? 

How about looking through your music projects until you find one that you kind of dig, but there’s something missing or you feel like you’re stuck. 

Before we created Fuse, we’d probably say: “look for somebody you know and trust, and collaborate with that person to push the project forward.” Afterall, without trust in the person you’re collaborating with, you are vulnerable to having your IP stolen and that could be a painful loss.

But now, with Fuse.Space up and running, we suggest: Why not share your project with a complete stranger and see what happens? Afterall, some outside sauce might lead to some good creative cooking and could take you places you haven’t been before. 

But what about trust and the fear of stolen IP? You see, that is where fuse comes in: Each file you send in Fuse.Space is immutably documented as your ownership, so even if someone runs off with your track and releases it, you will always be able to prove it’s yours.

Yes, always! Because Fuse.Space is backed by an immutable Blockchain. So even if our service should at some point cease to exist – you will still keep your certificates proving your ownership.